A very special berry


I am harvested by hand and with the greatest of care. At the end, I’m the only thing left - the pure berry. Refreshingly acidic, extremely delicious and unbelievably healthy.


I am related to Berberis, which also grows in Germany as an ornamental shrub. However, I am much more exotic as I come from distant Persia.

Seedless Fruits

I don’t have any bothersome pips. You can enjoy me straight away – even on my own, as a delicious snack.

Red Colour

Thanks to my red colour, you can identify the bushes on which I grow from a long distance away. The brighter my red colour, the higher my quality.


I’ll bet you anything that my refreshingly acidic flavour surprises you. You won’t be able to stop gobbling me up!


After being harvested, I enjoy the warm climate of my home in Persia for a little while longer and let the sun kiss me until I am packaged.

Barberries love yoghurt

Barberries – go with everything!


In muesli, barberries provide valuable vitamins and antioxidants in the morning that keep us fit and healthy throughout the day.


If you chop barberries and pour hot water over the small red fruit - ta-dah! You get barberry tea. There is no need to add a sweetener.


Thanks to their subtle acidic flavour, barberries turn any crunchy salad into a real taste sensation. No matter whether they are used as a sophisticated topping or in the dressing.


Barberries add a wonderfully fruity note to honey. Simply add barberries to a honey jar, allow to soak and enjoy as a healthy and fruity spread or to flavour tea.

On their own:

Unlike cranberries, barberries taste great, even without sugar. Their refreshingly acidic taste brings a smile to your face. Again and again.


Barberries are a key ingredient in Persian cuisine. ‘ZERESHK POLO’ is the name of the favourite dish there. Its simple translation: chicken with barberry rice. You can find the recipe in our recipe corner.

Yoghurt & co

Quark, yoghurt, cream cheese and mascarpone - depending on preference, the options for combining barberries are virtually endless.


Barberries add a special something to sauces with their refreshingly acidic taste. They are a great alternative to lingonberries in game dishes.

Ice cream

Simply sprinkle a topping of fruity barberries onto your favourite variety – and delight in the sweet, acidic flavour.

In the kitchen

Those who enjoy cooking will soon not want to be without the high-fibre, low-fat barberry as one of the most versatile ingredients of all. The little red berry is delicious both with sweet treats and warm, hearty dishes. Like oil, salt and seasoning, it should thus be one of the staples in any well-stocked kitchen.

Barberries are packed
full of health


Barberries are a pure natural product and taste great even unsweetened - in complete contrast to bitter and sour cranberries, which require up to 50 per cent added sugar to be enjoyed.

Lots of vitamin C

The little red power fruits are brimming with vitamin C, which boosts our immune system and prevents illness.

No preservatives

Barberries last for many months, even without preservatives, when they are kept cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.

Rich in antioxidants

Barberries are full of valuable antioxidants that deactivate oxidative stress in our organism - this oxidative stress plays a role in the aging process and is linked to the development of many illnesses.


I don’t need any genetic engineering as my optic and taste is exactly like 200 years ago. You bet!

Full of fibre

Barberries have a fibre content of 11 per cent. Not even wholemeal bread, beans, nuts and almonds have so much! This means that the berries make you feel full for a particularly long period of time. This, in turn, is good for your figure.

Low in fat

A portion of barberries contains 1 per cent fat (or: 1 gram of fat per 100 grams). You can thus enjoy them with a clear conscience. As a comparison: cashew nuts contain 44 grams of fat per 100 grams.

Origin and production

Barberries grow on high, densely laden bushes in their homeland of Persia, and are identified from a distance thanks to their bright red colour. There, they are gently harvested by hand and with the greatest of care. Bothersome leaves and branches are also removed by hand.

To enable barberries to unfurl their full flavour and retain their positive properties, they are dried gently in the sun. This means they can be transported well and used over a longer period of time. You can tell whether the quality is right by the bold colour. Juicy, sour, delicious and unbelievably healthy.

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